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A perfect Astronuder`s astronomer friendly hotel... Mykonos island, Greece. Celestron C 8 on EQ 3 mount

Galaxy Centaurus A, Astro photo taken with 6inch f4 Photo Newton on Astrotrac mount and Manfrotto Carbon tripod. You have to travel to the South to catch this galaxy! See also section galaxies!

Selection of astronomer friendly hotels and locations for Astronuders(see also pics below)

Astronudes also intends to create a platform for the Astronuders community to find appropriate astronomer friendly hotels and places from where to do their art & science work

participate on the astronomer friendly hotels platform and write to the Astronuders community either as a commentary or write an email to

selection criteria for Astronuders astronomer friendly hotels and places should be:

1.quality of the night sky

2.field of view

3.low level of ight pollution

4.appealing terrestrial environment and objects

5.possibility to work with models there

6.Ease of accessability of the astronomer friendly hotel and place

7.comfort of the astronomer friendly hotel for you, partners, family, models

8.observation and photo work comfort(distances and means of transport, support for carrying equipment; storage, security,..)

Disclaimer: selection and  description of astronomer friendly hotels and places mentioned on this website are based on subjective opinions of the owners and users of this website only. and the owners of this website do not take any responsibility and liability for the correctness of the information provided and quality and service of the hotels and places listed and mentioned on this website. 

Astronuders astronomer friendly hotel and location listing

Austria: astronomer friendly hotels in Austria 

Emberger Alm, Carinthia: Hotel Sattleggers Alpenhof. The yearly International Telescope Meeting ITT takes place here, there is no light pollution. The hotel is located 1800m above sea level also offering a beautiful mountain panorama, skiing and comfortable rooms. Thomas, the owner Is operating a 12inch Meade telescope in an observatory, which can be also rented by guests of the hotel. There is also another observatory with a 17inch Newton operated by Detlef Hartmann which was used by him to develop a modified POSS (Palomar Observatory Sky Survey) deep sky catalogue focused for the use of advanced amateur astronomers. See also pictures below.

Astronomical observatory Hoehenberg in Waldviertel(forest district), 140 kilometers North-West of Vienna,  Austria. The very nice owner of the observatory organizes observatory tours and  may allow on request to observe from  the plot surrounding the observatory and help with nearby lodging in this unspoiled part of Austria.

 Hadres, Weinviertel/wine quarter, 1hour north of Vienna

Gasthof Hochmayer

Ask for Siegrid to  help you to find the best observation spot on top of a hill 

Hotel Pacheiner, Gerlitzen, Carinthia, Austria

Costa Rica: Astronomer friendly Hotels in Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula: Hotel Barcelo Tamarindo(dark beach at the border to natiomal park in front if the hotel, security guard, view to the south and polar star for alignment!)

Nicoya Peninsula: Hotel Punta Islita Autograph Collection 

Croatia: Astronomer friendly hotels in Crostia

Island of Pag: Hotel Valamar(comfort close to the North-West end of the island, dark spots 5min drive away)

 Island of Losinj: Hotel Bellevue on Cikat Bay, close to the City of Mali Losinj. Beautiful view to the South(see photo below) and all comfort and amenities.

If you drive 10 minutes up the hill South East of the City of Mali Losinj you get splendid dark skies(see photos below)

Greece: Astronomer friendly hotels in Greece

island of Rhodos/ Rhodes: Ataviros mountain: a must for astronomers going to the Island of Rhodes

island of Crete: Frangokastello(South coast,dark open skies), Elafonisi,South-West end(Hotel Panorama has a great view, Greek rural simple, good food;Tel: country code 2822 061548)

Island of Mykonos:  hotel greco Philia(last hotel on the South coast, the friendly staff helped to carry my C8 to the best spot in the hotel and turned parts of the lights off!!, great dark beaches close, f ex Lia beach)

Italy: Astronomer friendly hotels in Italy

Capalbio, Tuscany: Fattoria Le Guardiole, one of the darkest easy accesible spots in Italy

Pienza, Tuscany:  Locanda Vesuna, on a hill, remote, comfortable

Maroc: Astronomer friendly hotels in Maroc

Sahara, Merzouga sand dunes, tents accessible only by a one hour camel ride(take smal lightl equipment, f ex Astrotrac or eq1 on your camel, you have to balance it duting the whole ride!)

Portugal: Astronomer friendly hotels in Portugal

Allentejo Monsaraz, an international  dark sky location, Hotel Monte Santa Catarina is located close to the lake with no light pollution to the North-East to the South-West,

Allentejo Selmez Herdade do Sobroso country house, remote, comfortable, dark skies

Spain: Astronomer friendly hotels in Spain

Canary Islands, Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a very extensively populated island with many observation spots offering low light pollution. For example Montana Negra in the North West close to Cotillo or La Oliva; the Jable peninsula in the South.
However in May when I was there there was a tendency of clouds building up in the evening and disappearing later at night. Nevertheless having a litttle pacience, I was able to do great visual and photographical work there.

Island of Ibiza:

Maybe the best hotel to do Astronomy on the island of Ibiza is Can Lluc, located in the centre with little light pollution. It is a small family owned resort offering all comfort.

Turkey: Astronomer friendly hotels in Turkey

South coast, close to Fethiye:
Lissiya Hotel, located high above on the beautiful coast with a splendid view, embedded in green mountains. Beautiful clear skies and free view to the South and South West. You can also catch the Polar Star with your polar scope, which I had not been sure before because of the mountains in the North. Very friendly staff and large pool, healthy and tasty food, great rooms.
see    see also photo below.
ask for Mr Johnson, he is a really nice and helpful guy, and tell him you come from Dr Peter from America, maybe he gives you a special rate. Try to get the house called Orion.

Cappadocia in Uchisar near Goereme:
Cappadocia Cave Hotel and Spa, located on the highest point in Cappadocia with a great view, luxury hotel. Even from the balcony of room 613; I could take a beautiful photo of the Veil nebula(see section Sky and Nebulae) having an open view from North to East.If you drive a couple of minutes you are in the absolute dark.
see  and photo below

USA: Astronomer friendly hotels in the USA

California, Borrego State Park: Hotel Borrego Valley Inn(direct exit to the desert from your own little yard

California Death Valley: stovepipe wells inn(less hotel made light pollution than the other option, 300 yards away completely dark)

Kenya:Astronomer Friendly Hotels in Kenya:

Chale Island Lodge on the Coast close to the southern border with Tanzania

AAlodge at Amboseli National Park

Impressions-Astronuders work environment, hotels, locations

That's the author lifting up the Celestron C14 with only one hand! (:
See in this context the funny you tube video: C14 is a small portable scope.

I bought the C 14 from the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawai, where it served at the University. So it travelled more than 10.000 miles to its new observation site.

See Dr Janes Dire

Milky Way and LMC over the Kilimanjaro from AA Lodge Amboseli Kenya

Sunset from Ataviros mountain Rhodos Greece, just before the star party started

High above the Aegean Sea on Ataviros, Rhodos, Greece Definetly a must for Astronuders if you stay on the island

Lagoon and Triffid nebulae embedded in the summer Milky Way and surrounded by globular clusters at Attaviros mountain, astro photo taken with 200mm 1:2,8 Canon L lens. See also section sky nebulae!

Star Party at the top of Ataviros mountain Rhodos , Greece
Thats a 10inch Johnsonian Telescope, fits into the hard travel case on which it is standing!!, only 10kg total weight!!  See

The views of Omega Centauri, Whirlpool Galaxy, Trifid and Laguna Nebula, Ring Nebula were outstanding from this remote location using such a powerful travel scope!! See also the photo below!

I bought this scope from Andrew Bell, San Francisco, USA, a member of the so called street astronomer community who knows the famous Mr John Dobson personally.

Astro photo of the Summer Milky Way taken from the Attaviros mountain. Can you imagine the pleasure of using the 10inch Johnsonian scope under these conditions! See also section Earth and Sky!

island of Crete: Elafonisi view from the observation spot before the star party began with our moon clear sights from South-East to North-West

Veil nebula, Astro photo taken with 130/650 Newton on EQ3 guided by MGEN at the Island of Crete,Elafonisi; see next photo.

One of Astronuder's mobile Set up I brought to the pristine skies of Crete as hand luggage item: 130/650 Newton you can disassemble in two parts with 23mm/82degr eyepiece, 50mm guidescope with CCD guidecamera and MGEN on EQ3 mount.

island of Crete: Elafonisi view from the observation spot at day time clear sights from South-East to North-West

Helix Nebula, Astro photo taken with 130/650 Newton on EQ3 guided by MGEN on the Island of Crete Elafonisi See also section planetary nebulae!

narrow mountain road leading down to Frangcastello on the South-West coast of Crete, Greece. A perfect observation spot, dark skies, absolute no light pollution to the South-East to South-West, takes a half day travel from the touristic North coast

Triffid Nebula, Astro photo taken using a 130/650 Newton on EQ3 from the location above. See also section Sky Nebulae!

80/480 triplet APO on Astrotrac mount and carbon tripod at Lissiya Hotel on the South coast of Turkey. See thr beautiful photos taken ther in the sections sky and nebulae and galaxies, as well as Earth and Sky and Beauties, Earth and Sky.

Astronudes can be even done in Turkey! View from the Lissiya hotel at night with the beautiful summer Milky Way and Beauty. See also section Beauties, Earth and Sky!

80/480 APO on Astrotrac set up on the terrace of the Orion house of the Lissiya hotel at the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey. view to the North

Lagoon Nebula, Astro photo taken using 80/480 Triplet APO at Lissiya Hotel, Turkey. See also section sky nebulae!

80/480 triplet APO on Astrotrac mount and carbon tripod set up for the astro party at Cappadocia Caves and Spa resort close to Goereme, Cappadocia,Turkey. I was impressed by the mount(see astro photo of the veil nebula in section supernovae)

Astro photo of Galaxy M83 taken with 80/480 triplet APO on Astrotrac in Southern Turkey. See also section galaxies!

Astronudes participates at the 30. Internationales Teleskoptreffen ITT International Telescope Meeting
Dr Andrew P. and Dr Peter F. participate at the ITT at Emberger Alm, Carinthia Austria with a Meade 10 inch SC and a 4inch achromatic refractor
The weather is excellent, see picture below

Orion over Lake Weissensee and the Souther Austrian Alps seen from Emberger Alm Carinthia, Austria during the International Telescope Meeting ITT Internationales Teleskoptreffen.

8 inch Newton and 80/480 triplet APO on EQ5 at winterly Emberger Alm, Carinthia, Austria with view over Weissensee and the Souhern Alpine chain bordering Italy and Slovenia.

M101 and NGC 5474, Astro photo taken with 8inch f4 Newton at Emberger Alm. See also section Galaxies!

Conus and Christmas tree nebulae, Astro photo taken with 8inch f4 Newton at Emberger Alm. See also section sky nebulae

Emberger Alm, Carinthia, Austria everything ready for the star party; Celestron Comet Catcher and Zeiss 300mm tele lens on EQ 3 mount

Ring Nebula M57, Astro photo taken with the above shown Celestron Comet Catcher. Not so bad for such a fast f3,6 Schmidt Newtonian. See also section planetary nebulae!

Emberger Alm, Carinthia, Austria The day after, clear skies in the Southwest The yearly international telescope meeting takes place here

Sombrero Galaxy, Astro photo taken with 8inch f4 Newton at Emberger Alm. See also section galaxies!

Dusk at Emberger Alm in Carinthia the day after View in Southerly direction to Weissensee, the White Lake

Observatories at Emberger Alm

Astronude taken at Emberger Alm from the spot shown above. If the working environment fits you can do astronudes also in winter time. See also section beauties earth and sky!

Astro photo of the Iris Nebula taken with Meade 10inch SC at Hadres, Weinviertel/wine quarter North of Vienna, Austria.

observation sites close to Vienna, Austria

favorite observation and astrophotography sites close to Vienna.

The astro photo of the Fireworks Galaxy was taken close to Schrick.


The mighty Celestron C 14 (aperture 35,6cm, focal length 4m), the best way to take astro photos and observe not far from urban environment. Nothing beats big aperture if the skies are not as pristine as in the alps, a desert, at beach or other remote areas.

Dumbbell Nebula, Astro photo taken with Celestron C 14. See also section Planetary Nebulae!

Whirlpool Galaxy, Astro photo taken with Celestron C14. See also section galaxies!

Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules, Astro photo taken with Celestron C14. See also section star clusters!

Astronomical observatory Hoehenberg in Waldviertel(forest district), 140 km North-West of Vienna, Austria. An ideal spot for astronomical observations.

8 inch f4 Newton and 80/480 triplet APO on EQ 5 mount stored inside the astronomical observatory Hoehenberg and waiting for the next splendid observation night in this unspoiled remote area of Lower Austria.

Galaxies M82 with supernova, M81 and NGC 3077, Astro photo taken with 8inch f4 Newton at the above shown location in Waldviertel. See also sections galaxies and supernovae!

Clear skies over Monsaraz, Allentejo, Portugal with Venus

bird view of the observation site from the castle of Monsaraz, Allentejo, Portugal the site/guest house is in the flats not far from the lake with open views to the South

Eagle and Omega Nebuale over Alentejo, Portugal, Astro photo taken using Canon f2,8 200mm L lens on Astrotrac

Fully packed with equipment on the camel in the Western Sahara heading to the observation site. Remote and great skies and landscape, however no nude astronudes possible due to religious respect

Orion over a Beduine camp in the Sahara desert. See also section Earth and Sky!

Winter Milky Way over a sand dune in the Sahara. I remember how damned cold it was when I got up in the middle of the night after the moon set to take this Astro photo! See also section Earth and Sky!

observation site close to Capalbio, Southern Tuscany, Italy this estate is surrounded by a large piece of land and offers dark skies

Milky Way from Lagoon Nebula up to North America Nebula at Capalbio, Tuscany. See also section Earth and Sky!

North America Nebula taken at Capalbio, Tuscany with Canon 1:1,8, 85mm on EQ1. Visually I used a Richfield 102mm f5 achromatSee next photo) and saw the nebula like never before!!

Richfield 102mm f5 apochromate which gave me the best sight of the North America Nebula in Tuscany! I could use this lightweight even on an EQ1 mount using two counterweights!

The Saggittarius Arm of the Milky Way over the Cikat Bay on the Island of Losinj, Croatia.

View from the hill South East of the City of Mali Losinj, Island of Losinj, Croatia before the star party began.

Croatia. In the upper part above the clouds you can see the Eagle and Omega Nebulae. Astro photo taken using Canon 24-105 L lens at the hill South-East of the city of Mali Losinj.

Island of Pag, Croatia, North-West end. no light pollution, easyly accessible by car

Summer Milky Way over the Adriatic Sea at the island of Pag. See also section Earth and Sky!

Perfect beach for Astronuders. Clear skies, open view, no light pollution to the South and West due to national park, warm and appealing for models, closest to the hotel, nobody here at night, security guard. Tamarindo, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

️Astronude taken at the beach above in Costa Rica. See also section Astronudes!

Large Magellanic Cloud and Tarantula Nebula, Astro photo taken from the beach above using 200mm Canon L lens on Astrotrac. See also section galaxies!

Silver Dollar Galaxy/Sculptor Galaxy, Astro photo taken at the beach above using 200mm Canon L lens on Astrotrac. See also section galaxies!

Punta Islita, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica Phantastic, you have your own little house with good views high over the Pacific Ocean, perfect service and comfort You can cover lanterns and reduce light pollution very good. However you don't see the polar star for alignment and are more or less forced to work from your private little yard That's good for nude astronudes with your model, not so good for longer focal lengths. The beach shuttle doesn't work at night

Astrotrac at work at Punta Islita, Costa Rica with small 60mm refractor and Canon 1:1,8, 85mm aiming at Eta Carinae Nebula

Eta Carinae Nebula, Astro photo taken with 1:1,8 85mm Canon lens on Astrotrac at Punta Islita. See also section sky nebulae!

View of Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley the day after

Constellations Orion, Monoceros, Gemini and Auriga and the beautiful Milky Way over Death Valley. You see the Orion and the Perseus spiral arms. Astro Photo taken with Sigma 1:1,8 20mm and Canon

Rosette Nebula, Astro photo taken at Death Valley using Canon 2,8, 200mm L lens on Astrotrac. See also section Sky Nebulae!

Borrego State Park, Southern California, the day after

Andromeda Galaxy. Astro photo taken using a Canon 200mm L lens and 1,4 converter Borego State Park South East California. See also section Galaxies!

Hotel Can Lluc in the center of the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain with 80/480 Triplet APO on Astrotrac mount

Orion Nebula M42 taken from Can Lluc, Ibiza with 80/480 Triplet APO on Astrotrac mount and Canon EOS 600d modified

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. Good observation sites are Montana Negra in the North and the Jable peninsula in the South. The whole island is extensively populated and observation conditions in all parts excellent. However there is a tendency of clouds building up in the evening and disappearing later at night.

Milky Way over Fuerteventura. See also section Sky nebulae!

It really works !!
6 inch f4 Photo Newton on Astrotrac mount and Carbon Manfrotto tripod on the island Fuerteventura. Total weight of the setup is only 8 kg! I could do exposures up to 3 minutes each. See results in section star clusters(Omega Centauri) and galaxies(M 83 and NGC 5128).

Balance is crucial for this set up. Look how I modified the Astrotrac using a dovetail bar to  balance. In addition I turned the scope for every photo so that the focuser and camera out balance 

Omega Centauri, Astro photo taken using the above described 6inch Newton/Astrotrac setup. See also section star clusters.

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Summer Milky Way over the mountain Hohe Dirn Steyr who are operating a telescope and observatory at Hohe Dirn

Astronudes founder Dr Peter Andre  is supporting Sternfreunde Steyr in financing an observatory on Hohe Dirn

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