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to wrap up the SBBU concept:

the results of the Supernova cosmology Project are shown in the graph. the negative shaped line is the linear expansion of rhe universe line.
if the actual observations were along this line this would mean that the Universe has been expanding at a linear increasing speed. The logics behind this is Hubbles Law understanding the Universe as an expanding ballon leading to galaxies moving away from us at an acclerated radial speeds.Thus , a linear expansion of the ballon(Universe) would lead to LINEAR ACCELERATING RADIAL SPEEDS OF GALAXIES !
The actual Perlmutter observations, however lay in the area left below the linear expansion of rhe universe line, this means, that expansio of the Universe has been accelerating over time in a Hubble ballon Universe, which led to the introduction of the weird explanatory concept of dark energy!

One way to cope with the results of Perlmutters observations without the requirement of dark energy could be the Steady Big Bang Universe, i.e. the Universe has been always there, also before Big Bang. So the Universe is understood as a steady ballon: only matter was created in the Big Bang and has been expanding within the ballon since then.
This would mean, that expansion of matter within the ballon at a linear rate would lead to LINEAR (not accelerating)RADIAL SPEEDS OF GALAXIES! see the red horicontal line named linear expansion of galaxies in a steady Universe line.
The results of the Supernova Cosmology Project of Perlmutter can be also interpreted thus as DECREASING EXPANSION OF GALAXIES IN A STEADY UNIVERSE!
The consequences would be like already described below:
1,Big Bang occured far longer ago in the past, because the matter cannot expand at speeds more than speed of light! So to explain galaxies located at distances of more than 13 billion lightyears away require an age of much more than 13 billion years!
2,no concept of dark energy required
3.maybe also no concept of dark matter required as time to form galaxies has been much longer than 13 billion years, so no gravitational accelerator in form of dark energy required!
$. no contradiction with Einsteins relativity theory, the Universe will hold together!

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